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Does your bathroom look old-fashioned as compared to other parts of your house? Want to give your bathroom a modern touch? There are many ways that you can change the look of your bathroom. One of the best ways is to use shower enclosures in it. Most of you would be aware of the shower enclosure. Choosing the right shower enclosures is not an easy task to be done by the homeowners. It requires expert glass contractor’s opinion to install a glass shower in your bathroom. In this article we will tell you about the various types of shower enclosures and how you can select the best ones for your bathroom.

What is a Shower Enclosure?

A shower enclosure is a set of one of more panels that encloses a shower area in between the panels. Not all shower enclosures have doors in it. They are sometimes referred to as shower cubicles and they can be installed anywhere enclosing the shower area. They can be custom designed to fit your shower area. You need to choose between the types of shower enclosures, glass material used, space available and budget of course.

Types Of Shower Enclosures:

Shower enclosures come in a wide range of size and design. The final decision is to be made by you for choosing the right one for your bathroom. We have described various types of shower enclosures below so that you can choose among the shower enclosures.

  1. Frameless Shower Enclosures: These are the glass shower enclosures that make the bathroom completely modern. These do not use any metal frames to hold the glass panels. The glass panels are attached to each other with the help of metal hinges and hooks only. The frameless shower enclosures give the most contemporary look to your bathroom. It leaves the emptiest space in your bathroom and is easy to clean. The cost of such shower may range above $1200 and above depending on various factors.Frameless Glass Shower Alexandria
  2. Semi-frameless Shower Enclosures: Semi Frameless shower enclosures uses some amount of metal frames but it is more of a frameless and less metal frames. It does not have a metal around the entire door. If you are looking to get most of the features of frameless shower enclosures but do not have enough budget for it, you can choose semi frameless shower enclosures. The average cost of Semi frameless shower enclosures lies in between $1000-$1300.semi frameless glass shower door
  3. Framed Shower enclosures: Framed showers are traditional and hence economical. They have metal frame that is used to hold the glass panels altogether. The shower glass door has complete metal frame around it. The glass used for making such shower enclosures is thinner as compared to frameless or semi-frameless shower enclosures. They are ideal for large size bathroom as they occupy larger area. The cost of such shower may fall below $1000.

Different Shapes Of Shower Enclosures:

Shower enclosures are custom shaped to fit your shower area.
In order to leave the major empty space in your bathroom, they are designed to
fit every corner of your bathroom. Depending on the availability of the shower
area, they are custom designed in following shapes.

  1. Square Shower Enclosures: As the name suggests, it has equal length on all four sides of it. It offers a modern look and often costs less as compared to other shapes because of ease of installation of shower panels.
  2. Rectangular Shower Enclosures: They have two sides longer as compared to the other two sides. If your bathroom has enough length then you can opt for rectangular shower enclosure shape. They are also easy to install and costs less.
  3. Quadrant: It is often called as semi-oval as it has two sides like that of a square shape and the rest part is curved. The square sides are the walls and rest curved part is glass panel facing outward. It typically costs more than square and rectangular shower enclosures.
  4. Sliding Glass Door Enclosure: This type of shower enclosures is installed when your bathroom does not have enough empty space. In order to save the space in bathroom when shower door opens outward, sliding glass door is used.


These were some of the common types of glass shower enclosures and their various shapes. By now, you would have made up your mind on which type of shower enclosure you will install in your bathroom. If you need any quotes or suggestions regarding the type, shapes, glass type used or any other feature, Anderson Glass Contractors in Alexandria, VA is right there for your help. We provide 24 hour emergency glass repair services for residential and commercial clients. Please fill out the form query below and one of our glass representatives will contact you.

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