Frameless Glass Shower Enclosures Alexandria, VA

Minimal hardware and clear glass enclosures make your bathroom look and feel more open. From sliding enclosures to frame-less glass partition, frameless shower glass is a great. It adds value and gives the impression of large space. From sliding doors to invisible glass partitions, frameless glass shower enclosures are a great choice for any bathroom.

You might be confused between which type of shower enclosure to select for your house. Before selecting the type, you must make a budget for the installation of the frameless glass shower doors Alexandria VA.

How Much do Frameless Glass Enclosures Cost?

The cost of frameless glass enclosures is dependent on many factors such as glass material type, size, and whether you need a DIY glass shower kit or you want to design a custom frameless shower enclosures. The frameless shower enclosures installed by homeowners cost less and can range between several hundred USD to more than USD 1200. On the contrary, the glass shower doors and enclosures that are custom designed have a higher price range as they are installed by the professional glass contractors only.

If homeowners chose frameless shower enclosures to be installed in their house then it will cost them higher but it has other benefits. The benefits include professional installation, proper fitting on the uneven surfaces, and it leaves no headache in installation to the homeowners.

Types of Glass Shower Doors:

There are three types of glass shower doors as mentioned below:

  1. Frameless glass shower doors and enclosures do not have any metal frames that can be used to hold the glass. So they use clips, caulk joints and hinges etc. The thickness of glass must be chosen wisely in this case. Frameless shower doors are most popular among homeowners and are expensive as well.
  2. Semi-frameless glass shower doors include framed as well as frameless glass edges. Although the amount of metal used for making the frame is lesser than the framed glass shower doors. The cost of shower enclosures in this case falls in mid range for value and money.
  3. Framed glass shower doors have glass panels surrounded by metal framing. The thickness of glass used in this case is low. The cost of glass shower enclosures is budget friendly for framed glass doors.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How much do frameless shower enclosures cost?

On an average a frameless shower enclosure will cost you as much as $1100. The minimum installation cost for most frameless shower enclosures is around $900 while it may go upto $2000, depending upon the size, structure, glass material and many other factors.

Are frameless shower enclosures watertight? Do frameless shower enclosures leak?

A frameless glass shower enclosure is mostly watertight. Though there are some very small gaps at the hinges, locks and at the sides of glass doors. Some vinyl molding can be used to fill those small gaps even-though it will never 100% be watertight.