Semi Frameless Glass Shower Doors & Enclosure – Alexandria, VA

We take great pride in making sure all of our installers are professional and highly trained. Our installers are full time professionals with Anderson Glass. Our installers are true experts in their craft and certified to install any type of semi frameless glass shower door enclosure. Expect to be impressed with their friendly manner, expansive insight and attention to detail. We are constantly striving to be better at an industry we feel we have created. Contact us Today and realize the difference. (703) 623-2223

List of pros for installing a Semi Frameless Shower Enclosure:

  • Customization is available for glass partitions and hardware.
  • The appearance of these showers are lesser in the sense of the look of material but offer a clean and unobscured view of your tile work.
  • Frameless showers are easier to keep up with and clean.
  • When going frameless you forgo the corroding that tends to happen with framed showers.
  •  If you are partial to privacy, there are many options of glass to choose from. Whether it’s clear, pattern or acid etch, you can customize your shower to fit your style and your budget
  • Anderson Glass Contractors is here to assist and customize your frame-less shower glass.

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